Hello and thank you for visiting my website. You are here reading this because you are ready to step into the realm of Traditional Barbering at its Absolute Highest Quality! Your business and friendship is the reason i do what I do and I am always excited to meet new gentlemen who know that it’s time for a change for the better when it comes to their personal appearance and hygiene. Below is the calendar that shows my availability. Taking care of my clients and making sure they come back in the future is my highest priority and always has been the key to my success ever since I began professional barbering back in 2007. Due to my ever-growing client base, All haircuts are done by appointment only to ensure that every man gets taken care of without having to waste excessive amounts of time waiting for a haircut like most other barbershops who aren’t always courteous when it comes to your own daily life and time spent. To prevent accidental double-booking, I do not book over the phone or in person, so all booking is done strictly through www.TraditionalBarbershop.com.

To schedule an appointment, simply click on a date, time, and fill in your info on the right. Once you hit “Book Now”, you are good to go! There’s No need to call and confirm once you’ve already entered your info and clicked “Book Now”. Once you’ve booked your appointment, Your information is confidential, and no one except Myself can see what’s on the schedule other than your time slot marked as “Booked”. Please try to arrive 5 minutes early. Your haircut will take approximately 15-30 minutes but sometimes takes slightly longer depending on your specific hair-type, and what hairstyle you and I decide together best suits you. My regular business hours are 11am to 5pm Tuesday-Saturday. Although my schedule stops at around 5pm, If you call or text my personal cellphone, there’s a good chance that i can stay later to get you in the barber-chair past my regular business hours to remove any possibilities of you having to get a haircut you dislike from a different shop that you dislike. So feel free to call or text me directly at 559-824-3138 if you need a haircut past 5pm. Rarely do any of the clients book and cancel on me during the day, but it does happen from time to time, so you can always call me to ask if I’ve had any cancellations for a specific booked time slot so we can attempt to get you in. To eliminate any room for error, and to continue building my BarberShop’s reputation as the best in Fresno, I work alone and spend as long as it takes to ensure you get exactly what you ask for.

Booked appointments are close estimates to the time I will seat you and begin my services since some of my appointments may take slightly longer than stated in the schedule. But rest assure that once you’ve booked an appointment with me, you Will be taken care of in a timely manner and receive the best haircut you’ve ever had. All available appointment times happen to book extremely quick, so I highly recommend that you book your haircut at least 1 to 2 days in advance. Sometimes guys book the morning of, and are lucky to get the time slot they want on any given day since the available times slots are liable to be booked quickly by another gentleman looking for a haircut at that exact time as well. I do ask that if you are in need of a haircut within 1-2hrs of an open time slot that you call me incase i get a walk-In client that hasn’t booked but has stumbled in during an available time. Also, if you are booking for a Straight Razor Shave, please call me or text my personal cell at 559-824-3138 after you’ve booked your time to give me a heads up since there is some preparation involved in such a tedious and timeless service like shaving.

For children’s haircuts, I can give them a haircut to the best of my ability given that the child is able to sit somewhat still and a parent is present. Also, if it’s an appointment for a Father and Son to both get a haircut, be sure to book 2 time-slots together so that I can take care of both without having to make any schedule changes.

From Time To Time, I choose a Sunday out of the month if I feel like working for a few hours to cover any clients unable to come during regular business days. If i decide to work a Sunday afternoon, it will be available to book on the calendar and Must be booked 1 day in advance. Monday is the absolute 1 day that i rest away from working in the shop to spend with my wife and 3 children. But the appointment calendar is up 24hrs a day 7 days a week for you to choose a time that suits you best!

As a respectable Man, This is undoubtedly one of the best decisions you can ever make for yourself. To look your best, not only for everyone that looks and sees you, but to look and feel great for yourself, and enhance key characteristics about yourself that have always been there. And now, you have a location to come get what you’ve always needed and deserved. Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you in my BarberChair!

Sincerely, MasterBarber Luis Orozco, Owner of Covenant Barbershop