By 1950, several hairstyles were forever engraved in American barbershops as the Pinnacle in men’s haircutting. These haircuts included the Taper, Flat-top, Butch, Ivy League, Crew-cut, Pompadour, Duck-Tail, and Regular haircut.

At the hands of a skilled barber, any one of these traditional haircuts could be fitted to any man who had enough hair to accommodate it. Variations and combinations of these faithful haircuts could be applied and combed to suit any man for any job or lifestyle. Beards, goatees, moustaches, sideburns, and muttons were also mastered.

Along with the haircut; pomades, waxes, hair-tonics, and oils were used to enhance shine and natural characteristics of each individual’s hair. Since then, many different hairstyles have come and gone, but none have stood the test of time like these.