Apprenticeships and Job Opportunities

Ever consider cutting hair as a legitimate, Licensed Barber?!? I, Luis Orosco, have been a Licensed Barber since November 2008. I acquired the skills of cutting men’s hair during adolescence and took it upon myself to turn it into a career that has helped support my family (wife and three children). My barbershop’s reputation speaks for itself if you look at reviews online and look at the scrapbook of some of my work and the work of my apprentices.

I’ve acquired a solid clientele of great hard-working people who enjoy visiting Covenant Barbershop ever since I opened it back in ’08. These folks of all ages come not only for a good haircut, but because I’ve built an enjoyably great atmosphere for all ages.

Out of high school, I always wanted to teach, so I’ve taught others in the arts of housing construction, painting, carpentry and so many other things pertaining to a way of starting different career paths for themselves while in the construction field. I’m proud to say that I have apprenticed others in different things that have helped them with their own individual careers.

With there being so few LICENSED barbers willing to pass on skills to the next generation, I feel it’s my duty, along with My passion, to teaching and barbering in the traditional ways to increase the number of people who have the drive to enter the barbering arts.

I’m currently looking for new people that would like to enroll in the Barbershop’s apprenticeship program through one of our friendly sources. As an apprentice, you will not only learn how to cut hair better than others but learn how the industry works so that maybe you can also have your own establishment if you chose to. Many people cut hair out of their own homes, many people cut hair in barbershops that are not licensed, and some people just cut hair for fun. Getting an apprentice license is faster and cheaper than going to a school that will charge lots.

This opportunity of becoming an apprentice under licensed professionals will see that you will learn how to cut hair, and cut hair legally under California State law through the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

Contact Me at the Barbershop’s location in person if you think this might be a career that will suit you and benefit you as much as it has pridefully benefitted My family and Myself.

Thanks for reading