Covenant BarberShop is owned and operated by Luis Orosco. He started his barbershop from scratch in December of 2008. He is a carpenter by trade since he was very young, working and building/remodeling houses. During adolescence, he learned how to cut hair and always cut hair to this day. His older brother is also a state licensed barber that works together with him from time to time since they were both in their pre-teens.

 Married, and a father of 3 small children, He works and continues to add more people to his BarberShop ’s ever-growing clientele while at work or daily Family things on off days.

Outside of work, you’ll find him fishing in different parts of the Central Valley, lounging around the couch on Netflix, playing video games or movie-watching at home with his wife and kids. He likes to meet new people every day.

To learn more about him, come by and say Hello.