If The Spots Are All Booked, Call Me Or Text Me At 559-824-3138

Appointments must be booked at least 1-2 hours in advance or you must call the shop. Time slots are close estimates of how soon the Barber will be available to serve you should the previous slot take longer than scheduled.

If you need to cancel an appointment you have already booked, you must call to be removed from that scheduled time so another client can book it. This must be done before you schedule another appointment time slot for a haircut. Thank you!

New Customers Click Here Before Booking An Appointment

Please note: entering false information such as an incorrect phone number may result in us choosing to not serve you.

REALLY IMPORTANT: the calendar runs from Tuesday to Sunday! Please make sure you are aware of what day your appointment actually is. If you come in on the wrong day you won’t get in the chair!